worst football hooligan incidents

You can unsubscribe at any time. That's 26 in total. Fifteen were for "violent disorder." A fan stabbed a young Blackpool Fan to death behind the Kop outside Bloomfield Road during a Second Division Match against Bolton Wanderers. A full scale riot broke out at The Den between Millwall and Ipswich fans. Violence breaks out at Elland road at Leeds vs Birmingham City, Police track down 30 suspects after Birmingham City and Leeds United violence - with six left to go, New police pictures of Birmingham City and Leeds United fan violence in bid to identify supporters. Although there was only 38 reported arrests last year—and 26 of these were for the arguably less serious offence of "public disorder"—they also had an average match attendance of 3,464. With 42 total arrests this accounts for 0.99 percent of their average matchday attendance of 4,234. Clips from the Incident can be seen below: 39 Juventus Fans were killed and 600 injured when escaping fans were pressed against a wall at the Heysel Stadium in Belgium ahead of the 1985 European Cup Final. Missiles including bottles and cones were thrown as further disorder spilled outside the ground and continued for around 45 minutes before the crowds were eventually dispersed. Despite having the most arrests with 175, they also have 50,517 fans in attendance on an average matchday. This statistic alone means Scunthorpe United F.C is deserving of a place on the list.

explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. A series of public appeals were also made in the media and on social media featuring images of a number of the suspects. But that is speculative and hard to measure. It is also the most passionately supported. Detectives described violence as 'worst crowd trouble to be seen at Elland Road for more than a decade', Sign up NOW for daily Blues headlines straight to your inbox. Sam Casey of the. Football is the most watched sport in all of the world. This means 1.09 percent of their fanbase on game day has been arrested. Detective Superintendent Jaz Khan, Head of Crime for Leeds District, Martin Lewis shares four checks every Brit needs to make immediately, On his ITV1 show The Martin Lewis Money Show, Martin Lewis said: "This is all about big money you may be missing out on - I've got four of them. A spokeswoman for Humberside Police said, "Police were on duty at the match and additional resources were called in due to the atmosphere within the ground during the game.".

Millwall 1-6 Ipswich. Does it take into account the number of arrests as a proportion of the clubs' fanbases? But don't be fooled into thinking Elland Road is the new Disneyland. So although a small club from a small town, Fifteen were for "violent disorder." Despite a long history of violence and a reputation that spans the globe, their 101 arrests only account for 0.47 percent of the total 21,572 in attendance on their average matchday. Putting anecdotal evidence and tales from the terraces aside, here's the top five most dangerous fanbases in English football today based on the statistics collected on the front line by Police Football Intelligence Officers. Yet 0.45 percent of those in attendance have been arrested. But cementing their entry was a pitch invasion that occurred on the last game of the season against Swindon Town. Hundreds of away fans scaled a fence and ran towards the home fans where large riots broke out.

The Service Crew of Leeds United F.C. Lifted in 1990 and Liverpool received an additional year. Far from it. Fans were pushed against a wall and 96 police officers were injured in the riots. to a standstill on October the 14th last year, costing the public £60,000 in damages. All were given football banning orders totalling nearly 110 years. The Millwall Bushwhackers Hooligan firm which had attached itself to Millwall football club were becoming notorious by this time for causing large riots and this occured again in an FA Cup Quarter Final match at Luton Town. After 20 years of rare hooligan incidents, a large scale riot broke out between London rivals West Ham and Millwall.

This, coupled with their infamous reputation, means this list would not be complete without the The Service Crew of Leeds United F.C. The third high profile FA Cup incident involving the Millwall Bushwackers Hooligan firm during 1980s. One was for possession of an offensive weapon, and one such incident with our second-placed firm brought the town of Shrewsbury to a standstill on October the 14th last year, costing the public £60,000 in damages. Whether it be organized hooliganism to random acts of thuggery and violence, in … Or even the nature of those arrests? English Border Front were specifically mentioned. Missiles were thrown along with flares and fights in nearby streets. Yes, it could be argued they have just become more adept at evading the authorities, and I'll be the first to admit their reputation alone probably warrants them being on the list. Or even the nature of those arrests? 5. It's also why in 1998, before the FIFA World Cup in France, a list of English hooligans was sent to the press in which members of the English Border Front were specifically mentioned. Millwall fans threw stones at the away fans' coaches before the match and fighting on the terraces broke out, causing play to be temporarily suspended. So although a small club from a small town, Shrewsbury Town F.C.

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